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Anchoko! Mie Washio


Mie Washio

ISBN : 9784091301444
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 About the Book 

From Enchantment Scans:1. An Choko! Anti-Chocolate:Even though she was born on Valentine’s Day, Kagami hates eating chocolate and resents having it constantly associated with her day of birth. Like any girl, she dreams of one day finding a prince. That moment came much sooner than she anticipated. Unfortunately, his two older sisters are constantly getting in the way. On top of that, her perfect guy actually likes chocolate. Its enough to make anyones head spin! Will Kagami be able to keep her newfound relationship strong?2. Looking at You OnlyTsuyoku Hamuro is an aspiring art student who aims to get her painting recognized in the upcoming school festival. Its almost a dream come true that she happens to have the kind, popular, and attractive school idol, Tomotsugu Nagayama, as a boyfriend. Nagayama is straightfoward with his affections for Tsuyoku. Truthfullly, Tsuyoku has admired Nagayama since freshman year, but the interally shy artist cannot express her feelings as well. In addition, strange things are happening at school. As Tsuyuko focuses on her artwork and her relationship, will both turn out okay in the end?3. Bye Bye Cool BeautyYuki, its the senpai that everybody admires, beautiful and cool. But the truth is... she´s not cool at all! Yuki has a weakness against cute things, when she sees them she gets a nosebleed instantly. The only one who knows is her best and childhood friend. One day a cute guy appears screaming that he´s in love with Yuki.What will she do now?!4. Meshiagare!